Squares of Pear


He stood facing me at the hearth fire. There was a clear glass pitcher  stuffed with square cubes of pear. I handed it to him.

Remember, whatever they tell you, know that the opposite is true. Your acts of discernment will keep you safe. Your intuition is your teacher. Your dreams aren’t about you, they are you.

The telling from the outside herds you. And the herd feels good and safe. There are other bodies that join your false direction where you will be told that the many are strong, that together the we can be one.

The truth is, that each vibration comes in with a complex understanding then is shaped from the outside with the intention of conforming. There is a lateral and horizontal frequency that each sounds.  Your brothers and sisters can be found in others that harmonize with these tones. Find them.

I plucked a single piece of pear from the water pitcher and carefully pressed it to his lips. His mouth opened, he chewed and swallowed. The pear turned into a golden honey syrup. Remember this.

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