Into Eddies


Somewhere in the middle between me and Jacob Obedia lives a world of knowing the unknown. And right through that middle are churning waters, slipping and dashing their wet and bountiful way through unexpected canyons and clear on down to the other side of tomorrow. It is the staying that nourishes the waters, the part where no one gets to leave the room and even trying to would get you in a mess of trouble. Sometimes that in-between place holds wonder like a tide pool does when you’re five and you have a stick and a bucket handy. There’s turning over starfish to see what’s on the other side and poking at the centre of the anemone just to watch it collapse into itself. Turning it over and poking at it, that’s what me and Jacob Obedia do. Mostly though we swim through the middle diving and careening until we land at an eddy somewhere. Then we stay a while. It’s the staying, like I said.

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