Katie’s Necklace


Katie Brennan is a Curator and Art Consultant, she came for the final fitting of her necklace yesterday. It was a little tricky and I had to MacGyver it a bit but that’s how it happens sometimes. She was all gussied up for the symphony and I was on my way out for the evening too.


We got to combine a business chat with the fitting and two hours flowed seamlessly. I’m at the tail end of designing two workshops for the UBCO Eco Cultures Centre and both will present opportunities for people to challenge their inner Yoda. One of the workshops starts at 8pm and will go through until 5am on a full moon night this summer. Each assignment and activity of that particular workshop is designed to summon the human animal from its lair and call forth animistic perceptions and intuitions while paying attention to the lessons that come from serendipity. The other workshop is equally as inquisitive but focused more on place and relationship to place. If you’ve ever read The Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram it’ll be a little like that but in real time. I’ve given myself one more day to feel really confident with the material then it should be ready to submit. I hope they get approval.


Katie’s necklace includes some copper with a blue patina on it, some white tail deer antler and dyed jade. She came for a visit a while ago and rifled through my materials until she came up with the combination you see here. The custom work is always interesting because people put elements together that I wouldn’t even imagine and this piece is a perfect example. Most people think I’m a silversmith and I can’t begin to tell you how much I am not a torch and bench person. What I do do is marry material, whatever wants to be together gets in on the game depending on the person, the day and the purpose. I work with shed antler, copper, silver and semi-precious stones. The metals are sourced from all sorts of places: online, local stores and in the case of this piece, some of the copper came from the good people at Action Metals Recycling (*note- they love working with artists). The antler is sourced from random places and random people and it’s guaranteed to be made from sheds. I like this work, it gets my hands moving and frees my mind to ponder whatever press on the edge of it.



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