Wild Cherry


There are two wild cherry trees in Woodhaven. I’m not sure how they managed to get in here, likely volunteers dropped in the bear scat or from up high out the mouth of a bird. Who knows? All I know is they’re here and they’re precious. Both trees are tucked into the house and only really noticeable when the blossoms come and those don’t last long. One is about 12  feet tall and on the back path next to the bridge over the dried up creek bed and the other is at the edge of the gully and reaches 40 feet into the air. They both produce cherries, a feast for the birds in early summer.

Woodhaven has a number of these anomalies. There’s a solitary lilac that’s only blossomed twice and five willows scattered along the western fence line, if you weren’t looking you’d never see them. And that’s pretty much true for everything in here, most of it goes unnoticed which is fine I suppose. Woodhaven has no sense of being brash or disruptive it’s just here and available to be in. I’m surprised how many people live in Kelowna and don’t take the opportunity walk the paths of this paradise.

I’ll do another barefoot walk in the next few days, perhaps people will come.

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