You are not a machine, you are a human animal. Everything you need to know is still stored in there; communication without words, echolocation, sensory exchange and the full and rich experience of your sentience. A forest, a mountain, a beach- just go there, be IN it. Don’t just look around. Close your eyes so you can FEEL it through your skin, your hair, through the thoughts that pass by as you walk or sit in silence. And perhaps if you are patient and stay in that spot long enough, silent and open, you will receive some wisdom  from a tree, a scolding from a stone, a creative idea from a bird or the un-earthing of a long ago buried memory whose time has come to surface. Really, try this. The world of rocks and trees, mountains and lakes are your brothers and sisters and they have something to tell you.

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4 Responses to Listen

  1. gwen torgunrud says:

    to be is the option always beckoning

  2. Donna Flint says:

    I do this when I am gardening and playing in the dirt. It is my sanctuary from the world. Always in the moment there 🙂

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