Okay, this is going to sound a little convoluted but bear with me.

My friend Darcy Nybo sent me a note to introduce me to a friend who had a friend who had a son who needed some tutoring for an english class. I am, among many other things, an academic tutor. So we connected through the social media channels and I dialed the digits the friend of the friend provided. It was a wrong number. Well, the ‘wrong number lady’ called me back to tell me I got it wrong (thank you) but went on to say that she had a nephew that needed tutoring and and was wondering if I could help him. I deferred to another tutor I know because the child in need is much younger and required help in basic reading and it’s not really my bailiwick

I notice how it all works out in ways we could never imagine. How one connection can lead to innumerable outcomes that otherwise would have been unanswered if the circumstances were even a slight variance to the left or sideways. Certainly we can take solace in knowing that each action or inaction, every step or mis-step we take will lead somewhere and we don’t even have to know where that somewhere could be. We need to just take the step. There is countenance in error or what we think is an error. Truth is many things and one of those truths is that we live in the complexity not a duality. We live in a space and time warp and weave that’ll land wherever it lands. At the root of that is trust and it’s not trust in a system, it’s trust in ourSelves, in our inherent knowledge of who we are and how we operate on this beautiful planet. This applies to the relationships with perceived authority, relationships to ourselves and even relationships to the thoughts we think. There are no errors in there. Trust is the bellwether, the beefeater, the signal by which we come to knowing what we know.

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