Good Neighbours


There’s a white tail buck hanging about. I’ve seen him at the gully in the evening and lolling by the creek in the last week. He was at the window of my office about half an hour ago, these sorts of things send a surge through me that goes well beyond the fragrance of Spring against my skin. When there’s a buck around it means that the babies are close to being born. They’re late this year as is everything around here. The bears are seven weeks out of sync and counting. The salamanders hatched last Friday and by this time in any other year they’d be pulling themselves about with fully formed front legs and gobbling up the mosquito larvae. The clematis came and went almost before the mock orange had a chance to bud and that’s saying something right there. The sequence of the familiar has been forgotten, perhaps shifting and adjusting to new skies coated in a white haze that prevents the sun from coming through. I’m not sure what it means in the big picture yet but it’ll all come to light when it does. There’s no need for speculation I just wait until I’m shown.

The ways of the forest are mutable. It’s a system that weaves itself an unpredictable pattern while at the same time effortlessly nesting and emerging from the dynamic interplay of flow. I watch. I listen. And then I place myself square in the centre of it in silence. There’s no other way. I stay up late some nights sitting in the dark. No words, no sounds, just the night critters and the wind if there is one. Sometimes, like last week, a critter will come through late in the night and close to the house. I’m sure they often do but this time it was an up-late-in-the-dark night and I noticed. It had the pace of a wanderer not a hunter. Perhaps it was aiming for the pond but I had company and we were talking so it veered off into the snowberries and back into the gully before it was 40 feet away. Silence helps but I’m not a purest, there’s a place here for humans too, just a need to respect the protocol of good neighbour relations and we can all live here together.

The bucks come down for the birth of the fawns then leave after a few weeks back to higher elevations. I’m hoping this buck will stay extra time, they bring a scent into the system that has a warrior feel to it and I like that.


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One Response to Good Neighbours

  1. gwen torgunrud says:

    most interesting that the order of things has changed noticeably this year- the early and the late.
    This is a report from the forest and the non humans.

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