I’m a refusenik in my own kinda way
sliding through motions
looking like the thing
I’m expected to be
all the while not.

It’s liminal space
not quite here or there
not quite in the middle either
abstract expression
in the rough.

Where good-girl meets secret lover
on muddy roads in moonlit nights
sheltered by trees
squirming on earth

I take the leaps that twist
and turn an ankle,
whine and curse the moon
even if it loves me
when I don’t

I take the road travelled
then paint a new design
on the yellow and white
crazy angles
mind messing.

Opinionated and satiated
a refusenik’s sanctuary
dotted with critters who
couldn’t care less
what I think.

Oi vey

There’s no monoculture here
just a planet getting skinned

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One Response to Refusenik

  1. gwen torgunrud says:

    very good. something ephemeral about this, like a shimmer of silver that comes and goes.

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