Raspberry Beacon


I feel so grateful on days like today. The snow has been falling since early this morning making the branches on the big firs droop with the weight of it all. They look like royalty  in ermine capes and at the very tops the peaks are pointy crowns. As for the snowberries well, they just give up and fall over. All the little keepsakes in my garden morph into Pullman-like beings from Svalbard and the red-cord knot in the compass steel is like a raspberry beacon tempting, but flavourless. The neighbours haven’t been about, I suppose they’re all hunkered down and tucked-in to keep warm, I don’t fuss about them and I can’t imagine they fuss about me. The cedar grove has opportunities for shelter as does the deep parts of the gulley. The birds are likely at the neighbours where feeders get topped up with tasty sunflower seeds and millet. I don’t feed the birds.

The student I tutor managed to make it here in one piece this morning and she braved it all the way back home early afternoon. I made pizza and tea and we sat by the fire doing what we had to do. There was the grind and whirr of random neighbours plowing driveways with their quads and a few walkers were out, I suppose the dogs don’t take a break for snow day.



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One Response to Raspberry Beacon

  1. gwen torgunrud says:

    lovey report from Woodhaven! the mid winter snow, the trees, the neighbors, normal goings on. no worries.

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