Trees: we really don’t know plants at all


Who decided what was up and what was down? That’s what I wanna know.  I also want to know how left and right got to be left and right. I think it’s all mixed up. Especially when one idea has all this good about it and the other defaults to bad. It’s like all these opposites feed into the idea that there’s a duality and that’s the only reality there is, and quite frankly I’m not buying it.

I think some of the problem is that we think too much and have all sorts of belief systems that we’ve bought into. And culturally we live inside cages of understanding until some thing or some one comes along with a piece of information or a possibility that grabs us. It’s usually not until then that the trance is broken and for a tiny moment the door of the cage opens, just a little.

I live with the trees and the critters, with the wind whipping around in the tops of pines and the yelping of coyotes as they chase down one of the neighbours and have their fill on full moon winter nights. And anyone who has ever been to my home knows that I live in a playhouse-for-grown-ups. The living room is painted red, the kitchen butter yellow and baby-shit brown, the entranceway is a combination of dappled greens and, by design, perfectly matches the colour tones of early spring that can be seen through the adjoining windows. The outside and the inside melt into one. Most of time I wander about with my 5 year old thoughts in my 54 year old body asking a lot of questions. I inspect random scat and follow critter trails deep into the woods. I can loose myself in there for hours distracted by the next anomaly that crosses my path or the next question that pops into my head.  And the question of up/down and left/right has been on my mind for a really long time. I live in the knowing that curiosity and wonderment are the playing fields of serious enquiry.


All this sitting in meditation and ‘reaching to higher planes’ has me befuddled. My meditation is walking and using my body to do the thinking/not thinking. And the whole deal about decalcifying your pineal gland to make a connection with some kind of elusive spiritual nirvana drives me wacko. We don’t need to be reaching for ‘higher’ planes, we need to be dropping our understanding into right where we are, right into the earth where the greatest intelligence is found. We need to be going down, not up, inward, not ‘out there’. And all this fuss about the pineal gland? Well I’m here to tell you that your pineal gland is just fine! The body is far more intelligent and has far more capacity for healing, learning and adjusting to circumstances beyond your wildest imagination.

So, back to this question of up/down, this question I’ve been bumping into and stirring about for longer than I can remember. The question found an answer when I was reading about trees.

In complex organisms the head, or anterior pole of the body is the part that processes information, the posterior pole or the part that engages in sexual reproduction and excretion of waste. From that orientation plants live with their heads in the Earth, their asses in the air. We love the smell, usually, of their reproductive organs and pick them to give to our beloveds ( a highly suggestive though unconscious act). We don’t, most of us, really know plants at all. ~ Stephan Harrod Buhner


Perhaps it’s time to have another think, anything will do at this point. We live on a dying planet and one of the greatest gifts you can give it right now is to ask questions, no, question everything is more like it.

With that said, here’s a lovely fragrant bouquet of sexual organs curtesy of the tulips and lilacs ~ just for you.


You’re welcome.

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3 Responses to Trees: we really don’t know plants at all

  1. Robin says:

    I really enjoyed that Lori.

  2. gwen torgunrud says:

    I love this blog. It’s about the spring of the mind in tune with the earth and the living putting their new best out there.

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