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Sometimes the Cat Doesn’t Come Back

It’s 4:50am and the owls just got a cat. Not that the actual time matters but just so you know that it’s still really dark and the neighbourhood cats wander at all hours. The great horned owls hunt 24/7. That kitty had … Continue reading

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Well, that’s a first. I was in my office finishing up a writing assignment and could hear a critter pawing at the ground just outside the window. I stood up to see a doe at the quonset, she looked back … Continue reading

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Time For Hail Marys

Sunday morning Woodhaven looks like a rough squall of books strewn across my bed with periscopes of tattered post-it notes and ripped bits of paper marking vignettes and sweet snippets of reason. There’s buttered coffee and cotton candy clouds outside … Continue reading

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