Of Green and Ramariopsis Kunzei


There are 61 listed shades of green, I see at least seven in this photo. The forest is vibrant right now as it urges in the nutrients required for winter dormancy and sheds it’s summer skin. Mid autumn is my favourite time of year when all the tones that settled into their comfortable belonging begin to mutate and recast their veins as the rains arrive. And then there’s the dirt to consider.


Underneath your feet is an entire world that shifts in this season and the most obvious way to see this is to be particularly observant of the fungi and mushrooms that pop up all over the place. On fallen trees and in gullies, and especially in Woodhaven there’s the old flume that becomes habitat for October spores that make their presence known. Right now there’s a magnificent fungus growing on the log poem in the cedar forest. It’s known as ramariopsis kunzei, it’s a species of coral fungus that I haven’t seen here before. If you’re wandering through in the next week or so bring a camera, it’s quite stunning and you can’t miss it.

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One Response to Of Green and Ramariopsis Kunzei

  1. gwen torgunrud says:

    the urgency of going into dormancy. amazing fungus!

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