Snow Bombs



It was a ridiculously magnificent morning in Kelowna today. Earlier than sunrise there was a dusty rose pink across the cloud then the day was born into open blue skies and a golden sun that cast rays of warmth and welcome into the forest. It’s true, that’s just how it was.


The snow is whiter than white and it’s at least the second big dump we’ve had since winter started. Check out that rain gauge. I suppose I could empty it at some point and actually use it for measuring snowfall but I’m a bit partial to the cone on top. I’m thinking some critter will wander by someday and lick that thing right off. Now wouldn’t that be something.


Between a warm sun and a gentle breeze there’s bombs. Heavy with snow, the branches up high let go their load and down through the forest the lump shatters, pulls itself apart, ice-dust dropping silently to the floor. That’s the way bombs are, a little warmth, a little breeze and the next thing you know you’re falling.


I suppose the good news is, there’s no other way but through, and whatever life that lump had way up high on that branch, it’s over now and the new one can begin.

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