I’m the only human in this gated community and I can’t get out. The city grader was here all morning scraping the streets. The other driveways have about six inches of snow up against them but here, it’s over 3 feet high in some places and a wall of solid ice. Even my snow-guy couldn’t get through it today. The other driveways fare better because there’s an opening every 40 feet or so. Not here. I have the entire fence line with no breaks. The grader drives full barrel down the southeast fence line and everything it gathers, especially the crusty ice that’s heaviest and sits on the floor of the bucket, gets dumped at the point of least resistance, which is the entranceway to Woodhaven.

So there’s a wall. Not sure what to do with it. Appeal to a neighbour? Give the snow-guy a pick axe? Complain to the city? Ask the RDCO for help? Maybe it’s a fundraiser looking for a place to happen, heaven knows the activities planned at the last Burbridge Dinner could use a little cash infusion. What if people sponsored $5 for every shovel full the snow-guy moves? we’d be rich!

Whatever happens I need to get out at some point, I do a car share situation with Gwen and the library will start to worry if she doesn’t show up for her weekly rations. Any votes for what do to? I’ll play.


  • note: When we had that big dump in December some kindly neighbour came around a few times and cleared this for me, I think it was a quad with a blade on it. Perhaps she/he will show up today, if so there’s a bottle of something exquisite and local that’ll be handed over.
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3 Responses to Trapped!

  1. Tom Mairs says:

    If I were closer I would come dig you out myself.

  2. gwen torgunrud says:

    and the RDCO won’t come to clear this?

  3. gwen torgunrud says:

    I remember a couple of years ago when this happened. A front end loader was required to remove the snow so that you could get out. A compassionate landlord would bring their snow removal machines and take care of this. But there is no compassionate landlord in this picture.

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