Being Human: consciousness 101

Being Human: Consciousness 101
Tuesday Evenings
October 17, 24, 30
Location: Kelowna
Cost: $200
Contact: Lori Mairs

Family drama?
Relationship patterns?
Roommates and workmates that seem to re-appear in brand new bodies even when you change jobs and apartments? What’s up with that?
Do you attract the ones looking for mommy or daddy? How do they get your number? And how come you keep picking up the phone?

I demonstrate a method of inquiry for people to discover their own answers and their own truths about what’s going on for them. I support you to recognize your power so you’re not at the mercy of your unsuccessful patterns.

I teach the mechanics of the emotional system and the mechanics of the thought system. I offer tools, strategies, insight and logic while actively demonstrating how messy situations can be handled. There are no quick fixes, what there is is knowledge of how subtle systems work and how, when they are linked, end up looking like the life you’re living. You can make new links. It’s a little tricky at first but once you get the hang of it you’ll never go back. Why? Because when you understand the basics of the mechanics you begin to be transparent to yourself and when you welcome the courage to see yourself clearly, others come into focus in a brand new way.

These concepts are part of the foundation for deep and lasting self-work.

This class is considered an introduction to these concepts.
Advanced classes also offered for willing students.

Contact: Lori Mairs

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2 Responses to Being Human: consciousness 101

  1. gwen torgunrud says:

    this is an excellent course. learn how to understand who you are and what you are doing. when you know yourself you can begin to make needed change in your life.

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