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I’m not much one for keeping track of time. I’m guaranteed to be thirty minutes late for just about everything. I have a clock in my house that says seven-thirty. It always says seven-thirty. I guess the electrical cord got too far bent and that’s why it stopped working. I loved the clock so much I just tucked the cord up into the plastic casing, set the time at seven-thirty and left it hanging on the wall. I can’t think of one thing I don’t like about that time of day and it makes room for going backwards so I live in the land of seven-thirty. 

*                    *                     *                    *

I live as the sole human occupant inside the Woodhaven Nature Conservancy, a Regional Park within the boundaries of a small city in the interior of British Columbia, Canada.

The Woodhaven Nature Conservancy is designated as twenty-two acres of land situated 49 degrees latitude west and 119 degrees longitude, north. This designated park site is also unceded traditional territory of the Syilx People of the Southern Interior of British Columbia. Inside the fence line that surrounds Woodhaven there are three distinct bio-geo-climatic regions; Wet Interior, Dry Interior and Old Creek Bed. These regions are a microcosm of the biotic, geologic and climatic wider area that is the Okanagan Valley. Woodhaven is home to insects, birds, mammals, amphibians, trees, shrubs, plants, soil and a variety of minerals. It is a nested ecological system that includes one endangered species and a number of species at risk. I have lived in the small home just inside the fence for the last twelve years. People who know I live here call me the caretaker, a friendly and warm title that describes care and concern for the place. More formally, I am the Security Contractor, a description of my role which includes a number of responsibilities. Neither title describes the true nature of how I am here, so these small notes and wanderings through my world aim to describe exactly that.  


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